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January 08, 2018



The answer to your - rhetorical - question is, of course: everything is relative. Those outside will be working to maintain the frozen toxic Earth illusion they made those on the inside to believe.
Then the next question is how fishy and srsly overpriced is that meal kit?


The truly evil thing about meal kits is that most of the so-called meal is actually pasta, polenta, or similar. Very little vegetable matter and only slivers of meat can be found therein.


A friend in Vancouver used to work as a private chef for a very busy surgeon with multitude of food allergies.
She (my friend) was paid $400/week. In $CA. Let's say week's supply [organic, local, no-gluten, etc) food is $300/week.

Even $700 a week for 21 meal cost less than 6 meal kits!


in more honest times, we opened a tin of Chef Boyardee.


... and we ate it cold.

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