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May 30, 2018



I am reminded for some reason of Nicolas Steno, the Titular Bishop of Titiopolis.


A titan among churchmen


Those speakers were not Russian [-speakers. Totally different meaning, and yet...]
In Tzar's times, one of the steps on civil career' ladder was a Titular Councillor" -witnessed by that same title (heh!) assigned to A.A. Bashmatchkin, the modest hero of Gogol's Overcoat.

By the same token - and you might find it perverse - I like the diminutive of my name and usually sign as


It’s all that Russian vodka they make out of ‘taters


Russian vodka is never made of taters (or corn, or cactus). It either vodka (distilled from grain [wheat, rye] alcohol), or a product of potato origin - then it's a moonshine. The latter is easy-recognizable: it's brown like brandy and stinks of crashed insects...

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