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July 20, 2019



I memorized a thought that occurred years ago, when I was still in my thirties. I was sitting on a subway bench across from a woman 20+ yrs older, who had an unnatural smile glued to her face. She was staring at nowhere, making visible effort to keep the corners of her mouth up and her chin elevated. It looked like she was silently laughing at private invisible joke.
Then couple of times her strained muscles tired from enforced joviality, and her face relaxed into it current state: deep wrinkles like cracks flanking her nose and the "turkey" neck flabbiness. It was the look of a nasty, bitter old age.

I thought, looking at her, that I hope to never become her- fighting so pathetically the surface signs of what I knew in my heart is not true.
Now I'm not so sure.


"The face is the index of the mind." If we have a good heart the wrinkles of old age will look well on us. That's what I think, anyway. Maintaining a good heart is the hard part, of course.

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