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February 03, 2021



Even with a prospect of dropping dead in line to a baggage counter?
Or nasty side effects and complications years from now?


Oh yes. A small price to pay for the joys of international travel. Besides, we'll also be getting side-effects from everything else so I probably won't notice that much.


What a topic for dissertation for some graduate students years from now (if there will be any) "lockdowns and isolation at the times of global virus con leading to distortion in perception and priorities".

or something.

personally, if they will pay me the same they paid phizer, I'll still refuse to serve as a lab rat




Unfortunately "times of global virus" will mean "every day" pretty soon.


These times are here already - and you missed the all-important word "con"


Well, since absolutely everything is hyperreal these days the virus is 'real' too, whether a con or not, whether you like it or not. The Society of the Spectacle as always is alive and well.

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