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January 10, 2022



I drove to the Texas coast last week, with my bicycle in the trunk. I had a hotel room for two nights; on two days, I took long sunny rides. Perfect.

As for reading, I did none on the trip itself, but before it I finally finished, or rather examined in full, Inside The Company, the 1970s CIA expose. You can dip it as I did, exhaustively as I did; or just start at the beginning and go straight through as the author intended; either way, it is a true Latin American period piece. I have been all over Latin America but never seen a golf course; I am still wondering what the Yugoslavian Embassy to Uruguay was like; tales of Ecuadorean naval vessels opening fire on each other and Brazilian interservice rivalry on that country's sole aircraft carrier are alien trifles now; but the continent remains chromatic.


I can’t imagine anything more sane these days than your cycling expedition. I envy you. Also Uruguay. Always wanted to visit but never have.

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