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January 15, 2022



Genius Soviet comic Arkady Raikin had a gig sometime in the 70s, called "Inventor", impersonating one self-styled character. The Inventor advised to chain soccer players (all 22 of them)to an asphalt machine - to get the field leveled and asphalted, for free. And to tie a dynamo to a ballerina's leg, to transform 32 fuete rotations into an energy for an "underdeveloped regions"


Thank you for that link. I've always admired Russian comic novels but never really explored comedy performance as I'm shamefully ignorant of the language. I'll try to track down some of those films if available with subtitles.


never heard of Russian comic novels

here's what i could find in 2 min


What I meant by 'comic novels" was things like Ivan Goncharov and Mikhail Bulgakov; novels that are amusing (to me). I didn't mean novels with literal jokes in them. I should have been clearer.

But then I think Kafka is funny.

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