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July 14, 2022



Thank you for the view into how the other half thinks (if we can call it that).
Reality can't penetrate to the layer of logical processing, however simple comparisons might be and facts clear.
Oh well. Carry on sawing the branch you're sitting on. Fun to watch.


All I ask for is reasonable candidates. There haven’t been any in my lifetime.


Should be simple enough. Put programs side by side, compare line items side by side:adherence to constitutional principles? energy? currency value? fiscal policy? level of corruption? law & order? economic growth? inflation (i.e. government-printed money)? level of bureaucrat spending? medical tyranny, a.k.a. "vaccination mandates"? employment? individual freedoms (f.i., ability to criticize ones opponents w/o retaliation)?
Then look at the results of these programs and how they contribute for your " quiet enjoyment of premises", in language of R.E.

Reasonable enough?


At this point, I am more likely to vote for an AI robot than any of the human candidates. At least the robot won't pretend to have our best interests at heart


Robot didn't have a chance to practice what she preaches.
It should be a pretty simple exercise in comparison of the real-life consequences of the activities of the last 2 admins (the current and the previous).
I don't care for speech pattern, or hairstyle, or more-or-less witty tweets, only in how the party in power affects my life. Only for important things.
The conclusion, again, is very simple because based on solid facts.
But some care more for appearances.

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